When Digital Content is King, Security is Paramount


As Netflix copes with their current breach, the fear of leaking content is always on the horizon.

It’s exciting to work in the television industry. For instance, a captioner might have worked on an episode of Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune a few days before air, then look like a genius when watching with their family. That’s about as far as it goes though — a little bit of silliness after hours, behind closed doors. Beyond that, every employee understands the sensitivity of what information we see. Be it high-profile prestige television or internal corporate webinars, we go to great lengths to ensure our clients’ security.

Firewall 1: Access

Our operations floor is key-card protected, serving as a literal barrier. Though, our networks also include complex interdepartmental systems permissions, keeping sensitive file directories open only to those who require access. We also keep drives such as USB ports locked down as well, keeping computers from recognizing flash drives.

Firewall 2: Exposure

For some programming, sequestered teams are created for the entire series with watermarked videos. The projects can include NDAs, code names, or even discrete computer setups to restrict exposure to passersby. While we like to promote the exciting work we do, and are proud of all that goes into getting these shows to air, there are plenty of studios and projects with which we don’t acknowledge involvement. We know the nature of gossip is to propagate itself, so limiting exposure is a key way to address security.

We understand that we’re providing accessibility for industries requiring high-efficiency solutions at the quickest of turnarounds. As content grows online and over the air, peace of mind and security are assets of immeasurable value. At VITAC, we like to keep our doors closed and lips sealed.