WATCH: VITAC’S ‘Creating Corporate Captions’ Webinar Available On-Demand

by: David Titmus

Advancing Accessibility logoVITAC’s latest webinar – “Advancing Accessibility: Creating Corporate Captions” – is online for anyone who missed it or who may want to watch it again.

Hosted by Brittany Winland, VITAC Director of Marketing Communications, and featuring speaker James MacPherson, VITAC Inside Sales Manager, the 30-minute webinar discusses, among other things, the benefits of captioning in the corporate world and offers some real-life examples of how and what corporations are captioning.

A growing number of companies have discovered that captioning their live and on-demand webcast meetings and webinars not only helps satisfy accessibility requirements, but is also essential for engaging employees and maximizing meeting productivity.

Whether it be conference calls or video conferences, online meetings, training sessions, or group discussions, captions help a wide range of corporation ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees.

So check out our webinar, and feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like more information. And don’t forget to check out our earlier on-demand webinars here.