VITAC’s Perfect NCAA Bracket


It should come as no surprise that the VITAC corporate NCAA bracket has correctly predicted every matchup in the men’s tournament thus far. Its picks are culled from some of the most advanced, TV-attuned minds in the world, and with VITAC employees stationed in strategic remote location around the country, no Cinderella went unnoticed in 2013.

We observed, of course, the brilliance of Florida Gulf Coast in the regular season and foresaw far in advance that the 15 seed would survive at least until the Elite 8. We wept collectively around October of 2012 when it became painfully obvious to our television-centric brains that our HQ-heroes, the Pitt Panthers, would be chosen as an 8th seed in the West this year, only to lose in the first round to Witchita State. Number-2 Georgetown’s first-round loss? Knew it all along. The upset of Gonzaga in the round of 32? Didn’t upset us, because we already predicted it!

How far can this go? All the way to the championship! We can’t reveal who our winner is, but we can say that it is almost certainly the actual winner. Based on a company-wide straw poll recorded and refined by our realtime sports experts Matt Schuman and Scott Harrington, the flawless bracket will be locked in the VITAC vault until the tournament is over.

We kid, of course. But VITAC does caption the tournament on TBS, TruTV and TNT, which means our realtime captioners get immense exposure to March Madness and intimate knowledge of player and coach names. More than they wanted? Of course not! Incidentally, the leaders of our just-for-fun pool are mostly realtime captioners.