VITAC: Proud Participant of the 21st Biennial TDI Conference


VITAC was thrilled to be a part of TDI‘s 21st Biennial Conference in Baltimore, MD last week.

The event was kicked off by FCC Tom Wheeler’s announcement of a new open-source video platform, which will assist the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind communities to communicate with federal agencies and businesses using American Sign Language (ASL).

Friday afternoon included an FCC discussion about IP captioning, caption quality and caption exemptions, featuring Deputy Chief Karen Peltz Strauss, Deputy Chief Eliot Greenwald, Disability Rights Office, Attorney Advisor Suzy Rosen Singleton, Disability Rights Office, and Attorney Advisor Rosaline Crafwford, Disability Rights Office, all of the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau. This was followed by a session about caption quality, featuring our own VP of Marketing, Heather York. The group discussed a number of subjects, including the expanded Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT) requirements, the increase in offline captioning since the quality report and order was released, and improvements to realtime captioning. Lise Hamlin of the Hearing Loss Association of America noted that her constituency has seen improvement in some areas, and is looking forward to more.

Saturday’s events included a technology and youth forum, and a panel discussion by Director of Accessible Media at Yahoo!, Larry Goldberg and Ken Harrenstein, Engineer at Google on furnishing closed captions for their online video-on-demand content.

VITAC joins members of the conference in congratulating the small FCC Disability Rights Office and TDI in their efforts to improve caption quality, and looks forward to continued success in the future!

By Brittany Bender