VITAC Partners with Pittsburgh Dad Web Series


VITAC is pleased to announce the expansion of its web captioning customer base to include local web series “Pittsburgh Dad.” VITAC will be partnering with “Pittsburgh Dad” for the next six months in order to make the popular series accessible to over 50 million deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans.

“Pittsburgh Dad” is the invention of Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton that features once-a-week episodes of Dad dealing with everyday situations around Pittsburgh — wrangling Jeffy, his rambunctious son, during a trip to Ikea, trying to decipher his son Brandon’s report card during a parent-teacher conference (“he got an ‘N’ in spelling?”), and even meeting Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The series pokes fun at “yinzer” (meaning classically Pittsburgh) dads who speak their own version of correct English, Pittsburghese. Captions are especially important to the series because of the often difficult-to-understand vocabulary unique to Western Pennsylvania.

The series began in October 2011 and less than three months later surpassed its 1,000,000th view. They now have 110 published episodes, each of which averages about 50,000 views!

The coolest thing about Pittsburgh Dad is the attention they’ve garnered without big studio contracts or six-figure budgets — and the fact that they have decided to caption their wildly popular series. Though the “Pittsburgh Dad” men are able to make the show their full-time jobs because of sponsorships from local brands, it was a ground-up struggle to win over the hearts of Pittsburghers and viewers around the country. By responding to popular request that the program be captioned, “Pittsburgh Dad” has proven to be a leading — and hilarious — example for other independent web series producers.

by Carlin Twedt