VITAC Offline Closed Captioning

VITAC provides offline closed captioning for pre-recorded programming for every broadcast network, most cable channels, hundreds of online programs, and many major corporations.

Not only do captions make programming accessible to the 50 million Americans who rely on captioning, they also:

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization: captioned video is more easily found than uncaptioned video.
  • Reach online viewers who watch without sound. A Verizon study found that 69% of consumers watch video with the sound off.
  • Help the millions of viewers whose first language isn’t English. Studies show that reading while listening improved retention by up to 60%.

guarantees of compliance uptime delivery and customer satisfaction

Our captions meet FCC Caption Quality Best Practices, meaning they are accurate, complete, synchronous and properly placed. Captions are created by skilled and trained captioner employees and include necessary elements like speaker IDs, sound effect descriptions and lyrics. Our offline department is staffed 24/7, so customers never sacrifice quality for quick turnarounds.

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