VITAC Offers a Wide Range of Spanish Solutions


For over 38 million Americans, about 12% of the US population, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home. That number is only expected to grow. With a rapidly growing Spanish-language market on broadcast TV to go with it, services such as Spanish translation, Spanish subtitling/captioning, and Spanish dubbing are in higher demand than ever. VITAC is proud to offer solutions for nearly every Spanish language need.


VITAC offers live Spanish>Spanish captioning, as well as live English audio>Spanish text translation and captioning. This involves a realtime translator interpreting and translating the audio live, and a Spanish Captioner writing the translation as text. Our Spanish captioning work can be seen on live Telemundo broadcasts.


VITAC offers both Spanish subtitling and Spanish captioning for prerecorded programs. Unlike most languages other than English, traditional line-21 captioning supports all Spanish characters, which means that a program can have Spanish captions, whereas most languages must be included as subtitles. For a Spanish subtitled project, ask about an additional caption deliverables, which can be easily uploaded to web platforms like YouTube. VITAC’s Spanish offline captions can be seen on networks such as TuTV.

VITAC also dubs Spanish audio. Dubbing is the process of adding an audio track other than the original language to a program. On TV programs that have been dubbed, viewers can access the dubbed track by pressing the SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) button on the remote. We are proud to work with Discovery on a project aimed at adding Spanish dubbing to a large volume of programming.

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