VITAC Makes UFC Captioning History


VITAC was recently part of history again, captioning the first-ever women’s UFC main event on February 23, 2013. Our resident UFC expert, Justin Weible, gave us the rundown.

UFC Main Event

VITAC has been quite lucky to be a part of the fastest rising sport in the world today, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The UFC has grown into one of the world’s largest organizations in all professional sports, and here at VITAC, we’ve been lucky enough to see the evolution of the sport from its humble beginnings to the lofty heights that it’s grown to now. We’ve seen the early days where two men stepped into the world-famous Octagon just to prove that their style of martial arts was superior, to the latest historic milestone in February.

At UFC 157, we saw two women compete for the first time in the promotion’s history as “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey took on Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche in the Main Event for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship. Other promotions such as the now-defunct Strikeforce and Invicta fights have embraced the women’s side of MMA, but the UFC had been resistant until now, saying that they weren’t sure that enough people would be interested in women’s MMA for it to draw.

However, Rousey has changed their perception with just six armbars in six fights. The first American woman to earn a medal in Judo at the Olympics, taking home bronze at the 2008 Beijing Games, Rousey’s aggressive style, no-nonsense personality, and good looks have won over UFC President Dana White, and on Saturday, February 23, she made history as the first women’s champion in the history of the UFC and the first woman to headline a Pay-Per-View. She defeated Carmouche with only 11 seconds remaining in the first round to take home the win.

All in all, it’s just another milestone for the UFC and another milestone that we at VITAC get to be a part of helping to make happen for those who need our captioning work. It’s always exciting when you know that your services are appreciated and that you get to experience monumental moments such as these.

by Justin Weible