VITAC Integrations – Where Technology Meets Captioning

by: David Titmus

No matter how you look at it, online video continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

Video is projected to account for more than 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019, and live Internet video is expected to make up 13 percent of web traffic by 2021. YouTube also reports that mobile video consumption rises 100 percent each year, with 72 hours of video being uploaded to the video site every minute.

Captioning videos goes a long way to ensuring that content is accessible and that it reaches its greatest audience. And providing captions for that content is now a whole lot easier with VITAC Integrations.

Definition of Integration Info GraphicVITAC offers extensive caption integrations for both live and offline captioning. From social media streaming and processing platforms to video management systems and workflows, VITAC Integrations offers a wide variety of customer-specific processes and solutions.

Captioned video content on screenOur realtime captioning integrations include Facebook LIVE, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube Live, USTREAM, Wowza Streaming Engine, and Livestream, while our offline captioning integrations include custom workflows for Amazon Web Service, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Brightcove, Kaltura, Kollective, Panopto, and Signiant, among others.

VITAC’s conferencing and video streaming integration platforms include Cisco Webex, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype for Business, and ReadyTalk. And LinkedIn and Vimeo integrations are on the horizon, too.

Clients need simply to reach out to a member of our team and arrange for the services they need. We offer an easy, user-friendly turnaround, with many services available within hours of the request.

VITAC Integrations offers a robust service built on the latest technology, highest quality captions, and unrivaled customer support. Our network, facilities, and technical infrastructure and support undergo continuous upgrades and improvements to better serve customers.

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