by: David Titmus

We’re a little more than three weeks into 2020, and here’s hoping your resolutions still are going strong!

But in addition to finally deciding to give up sweets or putting that gym membership to work, the new year presents fresh opportunities for businesses and organizations to re-evaluate – or embark on new – accessibility goals. Making your business and offerings accessible not only satisfies legal rules and requirements, but also opens the door to a larger audience and customer base.

VITAC’s wide variety of services makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to hit their accessibility goals in 2020 and beyond.


Man talking in front of an audience during a corporate conference

VITAC offers a variety of corporate captioning solutions that help domestic and international businesses – including software manufacturers, big box retailers, pharmaceutical companies, banking and financial institutions, and web services providers – better communicate their messages. These include live and prerecorded captioning and transcription, Spanish captioning (live and prerecorded) and multi-language captioning and subtitling, audio description, and encoding.

Communication is critical in any business venture, and it’s important that businesses speak to their entire audience.

Our custom solutions help clients not only satisfy accessibility requirements but also ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees for, among other things:

  • Conference calls
  • Online meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Group discussions, and
  • Video conferences and webinars.

Educational institutions

A growing number of primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities have begun working in recent years towards greater classroom accessibility for their deaf and hard-of-hearing students and, in the process, have discovered myriad educational benefits from offering captions in the classroom.

As more video (online, DVD, or broadcast) is used to support classroom learning, schools are captioning their digital content and finding that captions and subtitles improve student engagement, retention, and the overall learning experience for all students and not just those who require accessible content.

Captioning in the classroom also helps ESL (English as a Second Language) students better understand video, and makes online video searchable.

Stadiums, Arenas, and Event Centers

Man watching sports on a tablet

VITAC’s exclusive Event Center and Stadium Captioning Solutions service helps make games, events, and concerts inclusive to all, while also meeting accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our Event Center and Stadium Captioning service enables skilled, remote captioners to listen to live audio feeds from arenas, stadiums, or event centers, and translate that audio into realtime text that can then be displayed on the venue’s scoreboard, ribbon board, or in-stadium closed-circuit television system.

Captions also can be streamed to a dedicated URL, enabling fans to access captions directly on their mobile phones or tablets.

In addition to sports teams using VITAC to bring the action to their fans, corporations use us to provide captions to large-scale conferences and trade shows, and universities bring VITAC captions to their commencement ceremonies to ensure accessibility for all participants and attendees.

Governments and federal agencies

VITAC has a long, successful history of working with local governments and federal agencies to meet ADA and Section 508 requirements.

Our government clients were the first to caption online video, and we’re proud of our work with the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Center for Disease Control, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration, just to name a few.

VITAC’s government captioning services cover everything from city council meetings to state legislatures to archived videos to prerecorded informational materials.

Our live captioning solutions feature captioners listening to live council or public meetings and captioning the event from start to finish in real time in English and Spanish (or both), while our offline professionals make prerecorded government video content accessible with completely verbatim and synchronous captions.

Additionally, many government entities also use VITAC’s audio description solutions to comply with Section 508 requirements and provide accessibility for individuals who are blind or with low-vision.

Media and Entertainment

Inside a television control roomVITAC is the country’s largest provider of media and entertainment captioning. Our customers, which include all broadcast networks and most cable stations as well as television producers and online video providers, rely on us not only for our 30+ years of experience in live and prerecorded caption and accessibility solutions, but also for our skilled technical and development teams.

Our captioning solutions meet FCC Caption Quality requirements for television in regards to caption accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.

We offer live captioning via IP or modem, to IP platforms and broadcast media (or both simultaneously), quick turnaround for prerecorded programming, often edited to the last minute possible, and custom file format creation and file conversions for delivery of programming on multiple platforms.

So if your plan is to make 2020 a year that’s accessible for all, give us a call − we can help you reach your accessibility goals!