VITAC has the Answers to Your Questions

by: David Titmus

The world of captioning and accessible content can be a little daunting for those unfamiliar with how captions work. VITAC, however, has answers for you, and all just a mouse-click away.

As a leader in the captioning and accessibility sector for more than three decades, we are happy to share our vast knowledge and experience with customers and consumers via our “Customer Corner” page.

The page includes, among other items:

  • Resources and downloadable PDFs, such as those detailing corporate web captioning, conference captioning, subtitling, and multi-language service offerings as well as proxy and encoded video specifications.

Screenshot of VITAC's resources webpageAmong our most popular resources is our summary of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report – a report that VITAC helped draft – regarding best practices for programmers and captioning vendors. Also popular is our comprehensive overview of FCC requirements for captioning full-length programming and video clips delivered via Internet Protocol, and our Audio Description backgrounder explaining the service, FCC requirements, and Audio Description workflow process.

Our “Frequently Asked Questions” pages also feature a plethora of information for both caption customers and caption viewers.

So whether you’re thinking about ordering captioning or another service, or if you’re a viewer experiencing issues with the appearance of your captions or are just curious about the world of closed captioning, we have you covered.

We believe that captioning is changing the world for the better — making it more inclusive and enriching content in ways that enhance everyone’s enjoyment and engagement. Our hope is that our “Customer Corner” page will provide you with everything you need when it comes to ensuring access to your media.