VITAC Clip Captioning Solutions


What is a Clip?

The FCC defines clips in two different categories:

  • A single excerpt clip is any portion of a longer piece of programming from broadcast television, whether it’s from a show, sporting event, or news broadcast. These are also referred to as “direct lift clips,” or “straight lift clips”.
  • A montage clip is any combination of single excerpt clips from the same program, a series, or multiple programs. For example, a “best of,” or highlight reel could be considered a montage.

What are the rules for captioning if you’re uploading a clip to the web?

Did your program air on television with pre-recorded captions?

  • Effective¬†January 1, 2016, the FCC will require any single excerpt clip from a program that originally aired with captions on television when delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) to have captions.
  • On January 1, 2017, montage clips from programming originally captioned on television delivered via IP will also be required to have captioning.

Did your program air live or near-live with captions?

  • Starting July 1, 2017, any clip of a program that aired live and subsequently delivered via IP must be captioned within 12 hours of its first broadcast on television and any clip of a program captioned near-live must be captioned on the web within 8 hours of its first broadcast on television.

VITAC Solutions:

VITAC can make sure you comply with these regulations.

  • We can create caption files for clips in as little as 15 minutes from scratch. Simply upload your video asset to our secure and encrypted FTP site. We’ll transcribe, create the captions, export it in your requested format, and deliver it to you.
  • We can also create a caption file for a clip from the original program’s timecoded caption file. Send us a video of your clip via our FTP site. We’ll sync the corresponding captions from the file to the video and send it back in the requested format.

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