VITAC Celebrates 30 Years


VITAC Celebreates 30 Years

The year was 1986: Louisville had just defeated Duke for the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released, “We Are The World,” was the song of the year, and film classics such as Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Top Gun, and Labyrinth hit theaters.

And…VITAC was founded to provide closed captioning as CaptionAmerica to one local news client in Pittsburgh!

As we celebrate our 30th birthday, we reflect on our change and growth. A lot has changed, including our name! We changed it to VITAC in 1993 to stand for Vital Access, referring to access to media services for everyone.

While we still and always will, provide realtime and offline captioning services in English, we also provide realtime captioning in Spanish, and Portuguese, and now produce captions and subtitles in over 45 different languages.  We can’t forget to mention our encoding and audio description services, either!

With the addition of all of these media accessibility services came the addition of thousands of customers—9,919 to be exact! We’re 81 new customers away from celebrating our 10,000th customer over 30 years.

With as many customers as we’ve had over the years, it’s no surprise that we caption 300,000 realtime hours a year, and our offline department works on close to 60,000 projects per year.

We went from a very small staff in 1986 to today employing 330 people at our Canonsburg Headquarters, and remotely all over the country!

Here’s to 30 amazing years, and many, many more to come!

By Brittany Bender

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