VITAC Captions Kick Off Another Football Season

by: David Titmus

Close-up of a football sitting on a football fieldThough it may look and sound a little different than what we’re used to, football is back. The college and pro seasons are underway, and VITAC will be right there to make sure every touchdown, turnover, and tackle are captioned and accessible.

Captioning live sporting events can be a challenge for captioners and production teams as the games often include multiple, fast-talking announcers (who sometimes speak over each other), quick play-by-play calls, unique statistics, and sport-specific terms and jargon.

But just as football teams need great chemistry and teamwork to be successful, our realtime department − captioners, coordinators, supervisors, and schedulers – always pulls together to produce the highest quality captions and flawless transition between games with no caption loss.

Our realtime teams have been wearing their games faces for a little while now, compiling team rosters, stats, information, and spelling confirmation lists for the thousands of players and hundreds of teams that will take the field in the weeks and months ahead.

Our schedulers and sports supervisors work to ensure captioners are available for each game, and make sure we have the lists of proper network connections.

And coordinators work to establish and test multiple IP and encoder connections, and monitor start and finish times for all the games to make sure we don’t miss a single snap or minute of pre-game coverage or post-game wrap-up.

So whether college football is your thing or the pro game is your passion, we’ve got you covered. We will be here every Saturday and Sunday (and the occasional Thursday and Monday) to caption all the high-flying offenses, hard-hitting defenses, furious comebacks, and unbelievable upsets.

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