VITAC Behind the Scenes: Realtime Production Coordinator Nick Caldwell


                     Realtime Production Coordinator Nick Caldwell hard at work, testing with a client

What goes on at VITAC behind the scenes? We’ve started a series focusing on the people that keep the captions on the screen and the business up and running! Our last post focused on Offline Traffic Coordinator Tara NalepaToday, we switch gears to Realtime Production Coordinator Nick Caldwell. Our production coordination staff consists of more than 40 hardworking, multi-tasking captioning experts. They’re responsible for captioner setup including testing with individual captioners and networks, script preparation, and troubleshooting for over 220,000 hours of live programming each year. Nick was able to take a short break from his daily schedule to answer a few questions so we could get a feel for what his day-to-day is like at VITAC.

Q: You are a valuable member of our Realtime team. Walk us through a typical day for you in the office.

Nick: I suppose a typical work day consists of either “prepping” (making sure a caption file is verbatim with the program audio and in VITAC style) or “capchecking” (editing, proofreading, and finalizing the caption file for live broadcast) one of the three late night talk shows on the NBC network; those shows being “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” or “Last Call with Carson Daly.” We set up/test/verify captions on many networks ranging from The Weather Channel to many different sports networks, and everything in between. We take calls from many clients and captioners with questions about connections, caption placement, etc.

Q: What are your favorite parts about working in Realtime?

Nick: My favorite part about working in Realtime is knowing that I’m providing a service for people.

Q: What are some of the most challenging parts about your job?

Nick: The most challenging part of my job is being able to stay on my toes with answers or solutions to any problems that may occur.

Q: What do you like most about working at VITAC?

Nick: What I like most about working at VITAC is the fact that it’s something different as far as a job. It’s not something that everyone knows about. I’ve always been one that likes to have jobs that would be considered different. I’ve worked as a lifeguard, a funeral home attendant, and a telemarketer. I like something “different.”

Q: What do you do in your spare time not spent at VITAC?

Nick: I enjoy just kicking back with friends outside of work. I like being around people. As far as specific activities, I enjoy karaoke, swimming, video games, and sports.

By Brittany Bender