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Spanish Captioning by VITAC

Spanish Captions

     An example of realtime Spanish captioning on Fox Deportes

Does your project require Spanish captioning, subtitling, or translation? VITAC offers many solutions for both realtime and prerecorded Spanish-language programming. We’ve updated our Spanish services webpage to include all of them!

If your program airs live and the master audio is in Spanish, our Spanish-language captioner listens to an audio line and creates the captions in realtime.

If your live program’s audio is in English, but requires Spanish captions, a translator listens and translates for our captioner in realtime. We also provide this service for Spanish audio programming requiring English captions.

VITAC can also provide live English and Spanish captions simultaneously for the same program utilizing the CC1 and CC3 caption fields. Both languages can be routed to a single stream to one encoder or to multiple encoders.

For prerecorded programming, our Spanish captioners can create captions and/or subtitles for you from the master audio in any language.

And now, VITAC offers Spanish Audio Dubbing, often referred to as Secondary Audio Programming or SAP. We create a Spanish audio track for English-language programming using professional narrators. The track then is mixed, mastered and timed with the video. Viewers can choose when watching between the English and Spanish audio.

For more details, visit our new, improved, and updated Spanish services page, or contact us.