Touching Base with the Cartoon King


It takes more than just identifying obscure sounds and donning a scepter and crown to be VITAC’s Cartoon Sound Effects King. To reign, one must have linguistic style, acute hearing and a special bond with onamonapias. The man for the job? None other than Brendan McLaughlin.

When he’s not combating impossible sounds, Brendan McLaughlin spreads wisdom throughout the land and educates our newer captioners. Earlier today, he was summoned to action by a cry– or rather email– for help. It read:

“Let’s say Ben 10 transforms into Upgrade and decides to merge his body with Rex’s.  Let’s also say that Rex is talking to Ben/Upgrade, and Ben/Upgrade responds by spurting a growth on Rex’s shoulder and talking but doesn’t have a mouth.

How would one I.D. and use a font style for that response?”

As the Cartoon King, Brendan knew better than to complicate the scene with a complex description. After surveying the situation, he made his decree– a short, simple [creak]. And with that, we see why Brendan is the once and future Cartoon King.