Throwback Friday — Your Peek Into VITAC’s Past


Any caption viewer with a good memory and a sharp eye knows that VITAC has been providing industry-leading service for 28 years (we are one of the only companies that still proudly puts their name in the captions during show credits). While we prefer to focus on our service today and plan for tomorrow, there is little danger in looking back at our humble roots.

VITAC started out as a two-man operation in 1986 called CaptionAmerica and has grown into the 330-employee outfit it is today, the name of which is a contraction of “VITal ACcess.” Back then, our first customer was KDKA-TV Eyewitness News, and we were a realtime-only shop — our offline department didn’t come about until a few years later. We did not have a website, and our marketing materials (from May 1991) still carried our old name. And if you wanted an hour of live captioning back then, it would’ve cost $990!

More than anything, we at VITAC concern ourselves with more modern caption technologies and how to improve our overall service to the customers.