Tear Down That Wall! — VITAC’s Rapid Growth Has HQ Bursting at the Seams


An important part of being the nation’s leading provider of realtime and offline captioning, subtitling, translation, transcription and audio description is maintaining growth in a highly competitive market. This means that improvements, upgrades, alterations and adjustments are sometimes necessary.

Most recently, VITAC has been restructuring its headquarters — both physically and operationally — to allow for more breathing room for some of our most rapidly growing departments, including Multilanguage Services, which translated/captioned/subtitled over 85 hours of recorded material in August alone. Departments are restructuring, growing, and expanding across the board, and the topography of our headquarters reflects it.

This (above) was the scene two Fridays ago when VITAC had some very small offices removed in favor of more space for our proprietary B2B systems. The B2Bs stand for “back-to-back,” and allow us to switch Captioners during long broadcasts completely seamlessly. The system allows two advantages: first, six-hour special reports can be captioned in intervals by a different, fresh-minded Captioner, and second, that these transitions will happen without the viewer knowing. That means no gaps, no drops, and no pauses. More of these systems means more opportunity to use a technique that is almost entirely unique to VITAC. The new B2Bs will occupy this place in the sun…which now looks like this (right). What an exciting time to be a VITACian!