Bringing Sounds to Life: Making Sound Effects (and BB-8) Accessible to All

by: David Titmus

What’s the best way to describe a sound to someone? How would you capture, in words, the sound of an explosion as a thief blows up a bank vault, the thud of doors slamming as the robber runs out of the building, or the screech of a getaway car’s tires … Read More

Good Vibrations: A New Wireless Suit Enables Music Fans to “Feel” Their Favorite Tunes

by: David Titmus

A new vibrations suit is helping members of the deaf and hard of hearing community experience and enjoy live music in a brand new way. The suit, which includes a vest and wrist and ankle bands, translates sounds into vibrations and enables the wearer to “feel” their favorite tunes across … Read More

What It Takes to Caption Music: Thoughts In Wake of Lawsuit Over Lyrics Captioning


To follow up on a previous blog on this case, courts recently sided with Hollywood studios over a lawsuit with the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing concerning the lack of song-lyric captions, leaving caption content at the studios’ discretion. “From the description of both parties, … Read More