Sochi Roundup: Week One


The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (captioned exclusively by VITAC) are well underway, and what a spectacle it’s been! Here are some highlights and notable moments from the games so far:

-#Sochiproblems: Okay, so the hotels weren’t quite ready and the tap water wasn’t quite transparent. Nearly 100% of the bathroom doors were operational — doesn’t that count for something? Being an Olympian requires incredible strength, toughness, and focus, and there’s no reason to make mountains out of molehills. But Bob Costas just can’t catch a break, can he?

-Indian luger: Shiva Keshavan falls off his sled in prelims, but slides at the same speed and manages to roll back on it. Which begs the question, why use sleds at all?

-Opening ceremonies: Wow! What a spectacle.

-Shaun White: The snowboarding pioneer goes home emptyhanded, losing in the snowboard halfpipe to a guy named I-Pod with a trick called the “YOLO.” And they say snowboarding is just for kids.

-Canadian mogul skier Alex Bilodeau wins gold for his brother with cerebral palsy. If that’s not an Olympic moment, I don’t know what is.

-The U.S. takes double gold in the new slopestyle event, as well as sweeping the men’s podium. The U.S. is tied for first with Norway in the medal count as of 1pm EST.

-Women’s hockey: Canada defeats USA 3-2 in a third-period rally. It is still possible that the two teams will meet again, possibly in the gold-medal round on February 20th. Can’t wait!

-Men’s hockey — USA vs. Russia: This airs live tomorrow at 7:30am EST. Set your alarms! You’ll never make it to the rebroadcast without hearing who won.

Make sure to check out all the forthcoming Olympic excitement, and remember that VITAC is captioning all content on this year, as well.