Single Excerpt Clips Must Have Captions



To many, January 1st means the start of a new year, and new beginnings. To us in the captioning world, it’s the beginning of the newest CVAA rule: all single excerpt clips from prerecorded programming when delivered via IP now must be captioned if they aired on television.

Previously, the rule only applied to full-length programming that was broadcast on television, and subsequently published online.

What exactly is a single excerpt clip? A single excerpt clip is any portion of a longer piece of programming from broadcast television, whether it’s from a show, sporting event, or news broadcast. These are also commonly referred to as “direct lift clips,” or “straight lift clips”.

This is just the introduction of three big changes coming to the world of clip captioning. On January 1, 2017, all montage clips from programs that aired on television will need to be captioned when published online. Montage clips are any combination of single excerpt clips from the same program, a series, or multiple programs. For example, a “best of,” or highlight reel could be considered a montage.

And beginning July 1, 2017, the rule will extend to all live and near-live programming clips. Near-live programming will have to have captions when delivered via IP within eight hours, and clips from live programming will need to have captions when published to the web within 12 hours.

The rule is already in effect, and many video programmers are choosing to caption all video on their websites to stay ahead of the game, and to make everything accessible. VITAC is ready with a solution to ensure your single excerpt clips online are CVAA compliant. Contact us today.

By Brittany Bender