Subtitling in English and Over 50 Different Languages

Subtitles” and “Captions” are often used synonymously, especially outside the United States and by online players.  Though the distinction is fine, VITAC offers both.  Where captioning is generally a textual representation of all on-screen audio, subtitling is the process in which graphic files are encoded openly into the video.

Multi-language Subtitling

VITAC’s Multi-Language Subtitling team are experts at translation and the creation of subtitles in over 50 languages for niche customers. Video programmers and producers turn to VITAC for accurate translation, flawless timing, and quick turnaround.

Our highly skilled Multi-Language team includes:

  • EML Experts: Skilled English captioners who create the original English Master List.
  • Translators: Native speakers also fluent in English populate the timed EML file with their translations.
  • QC Experts: Native speakers, fluent in English and skilled at the timing subtitles.
  • Reviewers: Native language subtitle experts who review and render final files.

Our expertise spans a wide range of subjects – from corporate rebranding to online training videos, from the latest movie release to internationally distributed TV networks.  Let our team help you localize your video for an international audience.

English Subtitling

VITAC offers English subtitles formatted in one of the following ways:

  • ESL: “English as a Second Language” – formatted without speaker identification or sound effects. Similar to what you’d see in a foreign film and created primarily for viewers who can hear.
  • SDH: “Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing” – includes all sound effects, along with speaker identification.

If you offer only one subtitle option with your video, we recommend SDH, to include all audiences.

For questions, or to request a quote for subtitles, contact us about your project.