VITAC offers a wide variety of services to our Spanish-language customers, including Spanish captioning, translation, transcription, and Secondary Audio Dubbing/SAP. As with English, our Spanish-language team is highly-skilled and trained with many years in the industry.

Spanish Live Captions

VITAC captions multiple Spanish networks and local news stations. Our Spanish captions, as with English, meet or exceed the FCC’s Caption Quality Best Practices, which are now in effect. Services include:

  • Spanish Captions for Live Spanish Programming: Like our English realtime captions, our Spanish captions are accurate and fully supported by technology, infrastructure, and support staff. We caption over 25,000 hours of live Spanish news and sporting events every year.
  •  Spanish Captions for Live English Programming and Vice Versa: A very unique service, we use a translator to listen to English audio and translate live in Spanish for our captioners, who then write what they hear. The same service is offered with Spanish program audio and English captions. We provide both services to news networks.
  •  Simultaneous English and Spanish Captions: Via CC1 and CC3 caption fields, we route English and Spanish captions in a single stream to one encoder, also known as muxing, or we can route to multiple encoders.

Prerecorded Spanish Solutions

VITAC’s offline Spanish captioning team is comprised of US-based employees skilled in both captioning and translation. Services include:

  • Spanish captions for Spanish networks: Our offline Spanish captioners use the same workflow as our English-language offline captioners to create flawlessly timed and verbatim captions or subtitles.
  • Other Language Audio to Spanish Captions/Subtitles: We can translate just about any language into Spanish captioning or subtitles, utilizing our many multi-language experts.
  • Spanish Audio Dubbing: Often referred to as Secondary Audio Programming or SAP, Spanish Audio Dubbing is the process of creating a Spanish audio track for English audio programming, usually in conjunction with captions. Our Spanish-language experts translate the video’s master audio and record Spanish voiceover, using professional narrators.

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