VITAC’s live captioning solutions include the largest and best workforce of captioners in the business supported by a team of engineers, schedulers, and realtime technical services coordinators.

When you choose VITAC, be assured that you’ll not only receive the highest quality live captions that can be created, but also unmatched customer and technical support.

Whether you need captioning for your television or web series, meeting, or event, you can rely on us knowing that we’ve got you covered.


VITAC is the nation’s largest provider of captioning for nationally broadcast programming, with exclusive agreements with several major television networks and many local news networks across the country.

VITAC has developed custom solutions, many exclusive to our industry. Specialized solutions not found in traditional caption companies include:

  • Video via IP: We not only download video via satellite, we also feed video via IP to remote captioners across the country, with almost no delay. This allows captioners to see their captions and on-screen graphics, resulting in better quality. Our local news stations feed us video in the same manner.
  • Multiple connections: Captioners can send captions to endless encoders.
  • Seamless switching: Our customers never lose captions when we switch captioners.
  • IP Captioning: VITAC was the first captioning company to offer tailor-made, secure Internet Protocol (IP) captioning solutions using the latest in endpoint equipment and encryption schemas. We have worked closely for many years with many encoder manufacturers to fine-tune captioning interfaces for both serial/POTS and IP. We have also worked at length with serial server developers to design specific protocols that work in the world of captioning.
  • Breaking News Coverage: Our realtime technical services coordinators and scheduling teams are ready to field your calls; day or night, when emergency news or weather cut-ins must be scheduled for captioning.
  • Extensive Research: VITAC’s dedicated research team helps captioners prepare for events, breaking news, lyrics, rosters, and advanced terminology for complicated programming.


Are you streaming video live to the web? Let VITAC make it accessible. Our realtime English and Spanish captioners have captioned everything from UStream® to YouTube®, LiveStream® to Kaltura®.

If it’s online video, we know how to caption it.

For programming delivered via IP simultaneously with TV broadcasts, we will send a “PiggyBack” feed to your player, formatted to suit any player.

Additionally, if you’re going to archive or post your video online after you’ve streamed it, we can also create an instant or cleaned up transcript, and/or caption file for your on-demand video. Read more about our caption integrations here.


As the country’s largest provider of closed captioning services, VITAC is ready to help you meet ADA requirements and bring accessibility to a variety of live meetings and events.

We offer custom solutions, ensuring full participation and inclusion by all attendees for:

  • Conference Calls
  • Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Video Conferences & Webcasts
  • Focus Groups and other discussions that require full transcripts of all spoken dialogue
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts

Whether you’re hosting sporting events, concerts, speeches, conventions, or shows, with or without video, there’s a way to ensure all attendees can enjoy and engage in the moment.

Using the same high-quality captioners that produce closed captioning for live television, news, sports, and weather, you can receive live, real-time text streamed to any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world via our Internet Captioning Services (ICS) player. View the demo above.

Contact us to find out which of our solutions is best for your live captioning needs.