ICS Instructions

This page explains how to schedule and view Internet Captioning Service (ICS), a web-based player for viewing realtime captions.

Scheduler Instructions

To schedule an ICS event, please visit the ordering site. If you do not have an existing ICS account with VITAC, please call us at 800-278-4822 or fill out the contact form to get started. New accounts are welcomed with a guided overview of ICS services, as well as personalized scheduling and setup instructions.

  1. Log in to the ICS Scheduling website with your user name, password, and email.
    ICS website login screen to order captioning and view schedule
  2. From the home screen, select “Order Captioning” to create a new event.
    ICS website home page to order captioning
  3. Schedule your event by completing the required contact and event information. Once complete, click “Next” to continue to the Event Detail page. Captioner availability is guaranteed for events scheduled with 48-hours notice or more. All others are subject to availability and the scheduler will be contacted by email to confirm.
    ICS website scheduling page to order captioning
    Facility: Defaults to your specific account setup.
    Unique Event ID: Specific billing or other identifier to include on your invoice.
    Event Notes: Please provide as much detail as possible, including event URL, phone number, or other audio source for the captioner to hear the event; speaker information; additional time requirements for testing; etc.
  4. Provide event details and select options. Once complete, click “Next” to continue to the Confirmation page.
    ICS website scheduling page to add detail to captioning order
    Conference Phone: Enter all zeros if this is not applicable to your event.
  5. Please carefully review your event details. Select “Submit Order” to complete the transaction or go back to make corrections.You will receive an email titled “Captioned Event Confirmation” which includes your order confirmation number, and the sharable event URL. With this URL you can view the ICS player in any browser window or embed it on your existing website. Click here for embedding instruction.

Integrating ICS with Adobe Connect, On24 or Webex? Visit the integration instructions page to learn more.

Viewer Instructions

  1. Enter the URL provided by your event scheduler. JavaScript must be enabled to view the ICS player. If needed, modify your browser site settings to allow JavaScript.
  2. Begin viewing live streamed captions as the event begins. By adjusting the size of your browser windows, you may view two windows on one screen. This is convenient if your organization is hosting an event with a separate video URL.
    ICS player shown in two window view to see video and captions on one screen
  3. Adjust your personal settings for the event.
    ICS player settings for font, background, and timing
  4. Toggle between live captions and transcript view. *
    ICS player controls to toggle between live captions and transcript views
  5. Download a complete, unedited transcript of the event. *
    ICS player transcript options to save, email, or print

*Meeting organizer may enable or disable this feature.