VITAC’s in-house encode team offers flawless caption encoding to nearly every video format, no matter the video size. We use industry-leading workflow software to ensure all videos are analyzed, encoded, and delivered with quick turnarounds and assured video quality.

Digital Delivery of Broadcast Quality Video:

The FCC states that prerecorded programming should be captioned offline, with some exceptions. Programmers with tight turnarounds have turned to VITAC for the solution that combines high-speed file transfer, quick caption creation, encoding broadcast quality video, and delivery to the station or uplink facility.  Common formats include:

  • MOV: All supported codecs
  • MPEG: 2 MXF
  • MPEG: 2 Program stream
  • MPEG-2: Transport stream
  • 264: Transport stream

Adding Captions to Web Video:

Some customers require more than just a caption file for their web video. VITAC’s encode suite can create digital video with encoded captions in any format, including .WMV, .M4V, .MOV, .AVI, .FLV.

Encoding to Videotape

We realize that there is still a need for captions delivered on videotape and offer a wide variety of solutions, including QC reporting, video analysis, and slate updates in addition to caption and subtitle encoding.

Formats we still caption:

  • D5-HD
  • HDCam
  • HDCamSR
  • DVCPro-HD
  • DVD (authored or playable)
  • Beta SP
  • Beta SX
  • Digital Beta
  • DVCPro 25
  • DVCPro 50
  • Mini DV