WebEx Event/Meeting Caption Embed Instructions

WebEx Event Captioning is easy with VITAC. Follow these instructions below to make your event accessible.

To embed VITAC captions directly into your event, follow Steps 1 through 4 below using the “Multimedia Viewer” panel in WebEx and this link, with your unique event ID from the number you receive in your caption order confirmation email: https://www.captionedtext.com/client/embed.aspx?EventID=YourUniqueID

Step 1: When the host of the event begins the session, they first must open the Multimedia Viewer panel. They do this by clicking on the View > Panels > Manage Panels:

WebEx_Manage Panels Option

Step 2: Here in the “Manage Panels” window,  the host will need to move the Multimedia Viewer from the “Available panels” into the “Current panels”:

Manage Panels, moving Multimedia to current panel

Step 3: Once the Multimedia Viewer panel is in the Current Panels, the host will need to click  Share > Multimedia. This will open a new window and the host will need to copy and paste the embedded link into the URL bar. (Example: https://www.captionedtext.com/client/embed.aspx?EventID=YourUniqueID)

Again, make sure to change the event ID to the number you received in your confirmation e-mail.

WebEx Share Multimedia screen

Step 4: Once the link is embedded, captions will begin streaming in the Multimedia Viewer panel:

WebEx Multimedia viewer panel with captions

If the host is sharing their desktop in full-screen mode, the host and participants may need to move their mouse to the top of the screen for the dropdown menu, click on the down arrow, and click on the Multimedia Viewer button to see the captions. This will pop up the Multimedia Viewer window and can be moved to any part of the screen that is best for the attendee:

Movable multimedia viewer in WebEx