Closed Captioning Services

Since 1986, VITAC has been the leader in closed captioning and accessibility services. VITAC is the largest and most trusted provider of accessible media services in the world, featuring the most professional, highly skilled employees, 24/7 support, and a robust, technically sophisticated infrastructure.

VITAC is a full-service captioning company with skilled engineering, technical, production, and customer service support available at all hours. Our extensive backup systems – technical and staffing – mean less hassle for you, the customer. We are called the “no worries” caption company for many reasons.

  • Customer Service: Our dedicated client services team is a one-stop point of contact for all scheduling, coordination, pricing, and production-related needs. Last-minute changes to your realtime schedule? Last-minute edits to your pre-recorded program? Need a new file type you’ve never heard of? Changing frame rates? One call to our team, and your problems are solved.
  • Accuracy: VITAC helped write the book on caption accuracy and is committed to providing verbatim offline captions, and near-verbatim realtime captions. All captions are created by employees – not independent contractors or machines – many with over 15 years’ experience in the field.
  • Technology: Our network and technical operating platform are robust, scalable, fully mature, and thoroughly tested. VITAC’s network, technical infrastructure/support, and facilities have all undergone continuous upgrades and improvements to better serve our customers.
  • Availability: VITAC is staffed by captioning experts 24/7, 365. VITAC takes pride in its ability to ensure that our customers are always on the air with captions, creating redundancies and duplication for each of our captioners and our facility.

No company has people more experienced in the development of captioning systems and techniques than VITAC. The staff of VITAC includes many long-time professionals, most with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. VITAC’s employees have helped to develop the standards for captioning and subtitling, as well as many of the systems used to create, encode, and decode captions. We use this deep experience to ensure that clients receive the highest levels of technical assistance and customer service, along with the best, most efficiently produced, and stylistically consistent captions and subtitles.

When you choose VITAC’s services, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality product with unmatched customer service. Whether you need live or prerecorded captioning, translation, subtitling, audio description, or all of the above, you can count on us.