▶Summary of Caption Quality Best Practices, Infosheet
Summary of the FCC’s caption quality requirements.
▶FCC CVAA IP Captioning Overview, Infosheet
Comprehensive overview of FCC captioning requirements for TV programming delivered via Internet Protocol (IP).


▶Audio Description Services, Infosheet
Overview of audio description offerings, helping make content accessible to those who are blind or with low vision.
▶Multi-Language Services, Infosheet
Listing of VITAC’s multi-language expertise for translation and creation of captions and subtitles.
▶Encoded Video Specifications, Infosheet
Detailed file delivery, upload and format specifications for clients seeking video caption encoding.
▶Proxy Video Specifications, Infosheet
Detailed delivery, options and format specifications for clients sending proxy files.


▶How Captions Make Corporate Conferences Accessible to All, White Paper
Learn more about the challenges, solutions, and benefits of captioning corporate conferences.
▶The Benefits of Captioning in Corporate Environments, White Paper
Read how a trio of Fortune 100 companies use captions to engage all employees.
▶Conference Captioning Services, Case Study
A major software manufacturer found that, in addition to providing accessibility, captions can be a great way to engage employees.
▶Captioning Web Conferences, Case Study
Find out how a large defense contractor uses captions to create a more inclusive work environment.
▶Corporate Global Reach Subtitling Services, Case Study
Learn how a Fortune Global 500 company is using VITAC’s multi-language services to better connect with its audience.