Realtime Captioning Hours Continue to Grow


VITAC realtime captioning primaries, March MadnessUsually football season is the busiest time of the year for our realtime department here at VITAC. And while this past season was our busiest to date, things have not slowed down!

In addition to our 6,000 hours of realtime captioning we perform every week, on Tuesday of last week, we covered lots of extra realtime hours of election results, as the 2016 Primaries took place in Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Missouri.

The very next day, our caption coverage across TBS, TNT, and TruTV of March Madness began, totaling in 109 extra hours of realtime captioning for the second half of the week. Not only did we caption all of those extra hours, but our schedulers and sports supervisors worked tirelessly to make sure all of those hours were covered. Our production team also spent tons of extra time determining the best position for the captions, making sure we are in compliance with FCC caption quality guidelines for placement.

And while the number of teams battling for the NCAA Championship have been cut in half, the realtime hours only continue to grow!

There are still primaries and debates in this busy Presidential election year leading up to the general election in November. And let’s not forget, Major League Baseball season starts April 3rd, and the NHL playoffs are scheduled to begin April 13th, which only add to our realtime hours!

Because of all these extra hours that will only continue to grow, we’re hiring realtime production coordinators and realtime captioners! Visit our careers page for a list of current open positions, and how to apply.

By Brittany Bender