New Era for Captioning … And With It, the New


We are on the precipice of a historic day for the D/HOH community, a community more than 50 million people strong in the U.S. alone, a community we have proudly served for 31 years. Broadcasters are preparing to comply with the July 1 FCC mandate to provide captioning for near-live events. This represents the final piece of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) and means that broadcast content has never been more accessible to all or such a part of people’s lives. In this context, there is no better time to introduce the new website — a site that represents the best of VITAC and Caption Colorado.

For those who may not be aware, earlier this year VITAC and Caption Colorado merged, not only to become the largest provider of captioning services in the country but also one that leads the industry in its accuracy, experience, compliance record, technology, and 24/7, year-round service, and the new website reflects this commitment to leadership. was also designed to educate new audiences about the benefits of captioning. For example, the Homepage features short, soundless videos that showcase the increasing variety of people who use captions, including:

  • Students following along with a lecture in an accessible classroom.
  • Seniors watching municipal meeting broadcasts with captions.
  • A family enjoying television at home.
  • A fan following the action at a baseball game.
  • A millennial enjoying captioned video on her phone.

And this is just a sample of the myriad uses for captioning today as the definition of accessibility expands. Everyone from the enterprise to the classroom seeks to make information more attainable and retainable, and captioning helps accomplish that goal.

Our Services section provides more information about the ways VITAC meets the rapidly growing need for captioning, while our Customers page highlights some of the possibilities for how captioning can be applied beyond traditional broadcasting to provide accessibility for all aspects of life.

VITAC also remains fully committed to helping all of our customers stay abreast of the latest legislation and regulations. This information can be complicated to understand, but we strive to make it as easy to digest as possible. Check out the Regulations section to learn more.

And as much as we aim to serve you, we invite you to get to know us better too. Several of our new C-level executives just returned from an 11-city U.S. tour, meeting with a large number of our powerhouse team of captioners from coast to coast, and we look forward to meeting more at future regional events. Our About page shares an inside glimpse of our Denver and Pittsburgh operations as well as featuring our captioners, schedulers, tech center, encoding facility and training lab in a short video snippet. Dive into the text to learn about our priorities and accomplishments. We also introduce you to our executive leaders and highlight the many rewarding career opportunities at VITAC.

For our Caption Colorado customers, we continue to offer easy access to online booking through our Client Login tab, and a revitalized News section exhaustively shares updates and thought leadership in sections spanning Behind the Scenes, Caption Insights, Client Spotlight, FCC, Solutions and more.

We believe that captioning is changing the world for the better — to make it more inclusive while enriching content in ways that enable added enjoyment and engagement. Our hope is that by exploring you will gain a better sense of what accessibility for all and accessibility for life mean to us. Let us know your thoughts, and if you would like to talk to us about how VITAC can bring captioning to your organization, we welcome you to reach out.