New Remote Captioning System Tests Successfully


VITAC’s proprietary RCS — or “Remote Captioning System” — is an all-inclusive box designed to make remote captioning for live events as simple and efficient as possible. Its durable protective case allows it to be shipped by delivery or shipping service, and its weight of about 100 lbs  allows anyone with a cart to easily transport the unit.  The RCS is extremely simple and was crafted with ease of configuration and setup in mind. The instructions below explain the setup and inner workings of the RCS in layman’s terms.

The bolded items require action from the client.

Our Engineers pre-configure the RCS box to meet client specifications before sending the RCS.

The client receives the RCS box in the mail and places it in the event venue, wherever the event’s audio/visual master controls are located. The box requires only a power source and  Verizon cell reception (as little as one bar of service will do). The client removes the front and rear protective panels.

– Sufficient cell phone reception (again, one bar is enough) allows the built-in MiFi system, which is comparable to a mobile hotspot, to provide an internet connection between the Captioner and the client. This internet connection allows the venue and the Captioner to communicate without the client having to connect to local internet. An easy way to test for cell reception in the venue is to simply place a cell phone in the spot where the box is to be located, and see if it has Verizon reception. Insufficient cell phone signal is extremely rare.

– The client plugs two cables into the ports on the box labeled “video in” and “video out.” An audio/video engineer, or anyone in charge of the AV equipment, will know which cables these are. Once connected, the Captioner is able to receive program audio and transmit captioned text back to the client over the MiFi internet connection.

-The Captioner connects to the IP address specified on the RCS system. VITAC will transmit a test caption stream in advance. Once the RCS is powered up, and video in and out are connected, the client should see captions on the front screen confidence monitor and on their large screen display in about 5 minutes (time for MiFi to acquire). The Captioner begins captioning the program.

-As a precaution, the RCS contains a built-in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system that keeps the unit running smoothly even in inconsistent power. The box can work for up to 30 minutes without any power at all, but this function is intended for accidental outages, and should not be relied upon as a primary power source.

-VITAC’s Engineering staff is available 24/7/365 to assist clients in the rare occurrence of a technical difficulty.

-After the event, the client puts the protective panel back on the RCS and ships the unit back to VITAC, following VITAC’s instructions on where and how to ship.

It’s that simple. For inquiries on pricing please email or call (724) 514-4000.