VITAC Observes National Court Reporting and Captioning Week


court reporting and captioning week

Happy National Court Reporting and Captioning Week! Every year, the National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA) celebrates court reporting and captioning officials to “raise public awareness about the growing number of employment opportunities the career offers.”

Court reporting and captioning schools and institutions around the country will be holding forums and informational sessions, and visiting high schools to present information about the growing profession.

How is VITAC celebrating?

We first would like to thank all of our realtime captioners for their hard work and dedication to creating quality captions. They’re truly the best in the business!

Next, we’ll be posting information about live captioning on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all week! Stay tuned!

Lastly, we’re hiring! If you think you’re ready to become a VITAC captioner, you can read more here, and/or send an email to

We appreciate you every week, captioners and court reporters!

By Brittany Bender