Masters of Sex: Captioned by VITAC


Call it “the VITAC bump” — in the past month VITAC has added another hit TV show to its list of captioning customers. This time it is Masters of Sex, a Showtime drama about William Masters and Virginia Johnson researching human sexuality in the late ’50s. The show premiered September 29 to an even 1 million viewers and has garnered high praise from critics, including a 85/100 score from Metacritic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Masters of Sex “makes it clear…that it’s not in the titillation game,” though the pilot, they admit, has plenty of nudity and whatnot. The show carries an MA rating for reasons you might expect, and follows a long-standing tradition of popular yet not-so-family-friendly programming finding a home off of basic cable (Showtime is classified as “premium cable” and requires a subscription, or else is included in some cable and satellite packages).

VITAC is no stranger to captioning highly rated, off-basic-cable content. We provided captions for another Showtime staple, Weeds, which came to an end this year after eight seasons. Popular web programming also proudly bears VITAC’s credit caption, including Weeds‘ creator Jenji Kohan’s newest venture, Orange is the New Black, on Netflix, as well as the Shakespearean-inspired political drama House of Cards, also a Netflix original.

Masters airs Sundays at 10, and the full-length premiere is available on the Showtime website.