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Presidential Election Season Adds Hundreds of Hours to Realtime Department Schedule

VITAC Live Captions 2016 Election

Not only is it the VITAC realtime department’s busy Fall season, captioning many hours of NFL and college football and NHL hockey across various networks, but another type of season added hundreds of hours of live captioning coverage to our already jam-packed schedule.

Presidential election season only comes around every four years, and with every press conference, debate, and breaking news alert, there has to be live captions to go along with them.

Our realtime department continues to work incredibly hard to ensure that the millions of Americans who rely on closed captions have access to all of the election-related televised programming.

VITAC realtime captioners must stay on top of the issues, learning the latest buzz words and topics concerning the race. They have to add proper names, places, and terms to their captioning dictionaries to ensure accuracy.

In addition to keeping their captioning dictionaries up-to-date, when they are captioning cable news programs or debates, they must decipher fast and overlapping speakers. They also have the added challenge of writing parentheticals such as [ SPEAKING IN SPANISH ] when Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine switches from speaking English to Spanish to his audiences.

Realtime production coordinators are ready at the phones 24/7 and prepared within minutes notice to set up a captioner(s) if one or multiple networks call us for breaking election news. There may also be a need to set up a Spanish captioner or two, and our coordinators are always up to the task.

Realtime Production Coordinators will Monitor Captions on Election Night

Realtime Production Coordinators will Monitor Captions on Election Night

And while the election will soon be over, the number of hours that we’ll caption will come to a head on November 8th.

“There are 150 additional hours of Election coverage currently on the Schedule and that is just for English on at least 30 networks,” said VITAC Chief Operations Officer Chuck Karlovits.

While election results are rolling in next Tuesday, turn the captions on!

For more information on realtime captioning, visit our live captioning services page.

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