How VITAC is Surviving Election Night 2016


VITAC Captioning Live Election Results

Election 2016

by Johnathan Moore

Our post last week focused on appreciating all of the hard work of our Realtime Department for tonight’s election results.

We decided to ask how they were planning on making it through the night. The answers we received were a mix of humor and reassurance that our technology and staff is dedicated to ensuring quality captions for tonight’s televised election results:

“I’m going to survive tonight by drinking a lot of hazelnut coffee,” said Production Coordinator Lisa Raines.

“In all seriousness, we are ready for election cut-ins. We’re setting up our back-to-back units and are ready,” added Lisa.

VITAC’s proprietary back-to-back units allow for seamless switching of captioners mid-program.

“We have about 13 production coordinators working from now until 4:00 AM and some of them will begin to monitor captions starting at 8:00 PM,” Manager of Realtime Production Coordinators Mark Paluso stated.

One of our Realtime Captioners shared the hashtag, #PleaseSpeakSlowly in preparation for the voting outcomes to roll in, as our captioners are prepared to write at speeds of up to 300 words per minute!

“A local restaurant is offering Buy One Get One soup if you show them your ‘I voted’ sticker,” said Client Sales and Services Amanda Kahl, as the energy will certainly be needed!

So as the results come in to tell us who the next POTUS will be, our Realtime department is working overtime and overdrive!