A Guide to Corporate Captions: Or Everything You Wanted to Know About Captions But Were Afraid to Ask

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When it comes to communication accessibility in corporate environments, navigating the captioning landscape can be a bit daunting. If you are like most professionals, accuracy, turnaround time, and regulatory compliance are top of mind. As the largest captioning provider in the country, we have found that today’s industry leaders include captions and embrace accessibility.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the critical communication aspect of closed captions, the costs of noncompliance, and how businesses use and benefit from captioning.

You’ll discover:
•How using captions will attract customers and enable you to better communicate with your entire audience.
•Why regulatory compliance protects you from costly litigation.
•How captions boost SEO rankings and provide instant transcripts.
•Why captions help you connect with colleagues and customers around the world.

Chapters include:
1. The ins and outs of closed captioning
2. Take the guesswork out of understanding ADA requirements
3. How captions can work for you

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