For Commencement This Spring, Think VITAC


This month, thousands of new graduates will flood the job market, armed with diplomas of every level, in degrees from Political Science to Puppetry. One thing they will all have in common: a commencement ceremony to mark the transition into the workforce.

While it’s possible that the esteemed keynote speaker may be less than proficient at speaking into the microphone or that you may be sitting next to a screaming baby, and while you’re bound to hear a couple mispronounced names, there is no reason why a proud family member should miss out on any part of the ceremony whatsoever.

College graduates throwing hats in the airAdding closed captioning to a graduation event ensures that every speech, every name, and lyrics to even the strangest Alma Maters receive their due on the event’s display screen or the audience members’ personal mobile devices. The process is simple: the assigned Captioner works either on-site — in the venue or stadium — or remotely, “writing” up to 250 words per minute and sending the information to the event’s encoder, where it displays on the large screen, or to a third-party system that creates a unique URL to the streaming captions. The Captioners receive pertinent information, such as speeches, song lyrics, and graduate names, in advance, so that they can simply hit a button to make each display at the appropriate moment. Since all the names are programmed in advance according to the event program, they display accurately even when the announcer butchers them.

VITAC was proud to caption Point Park University’s graduation several Saturdays ago, to an overwhelmingly positive response.

To order captioning for your commencement ceremony, please email or call (724) 514-4077.

by Carlin Twedt