Does VITAC Recycle Its Old Captions?


It seems like every time you turn on the TV, there is a new cable network vying for your viewership. Just this week, FXX joined a host of Fox networks, including FX, Fox News, Fox Sports, and Fox Sports 1, which launched in mid-August. And Fox is hardly the exception.

With 24 hours of air time to fill each day on each of their myriad networks, most broadcasters re-run their most popular programming in addition to airing live programs or first-run recorded content. Some even delve into much older content that originally aired on different networks entirely, tapping into laugh-track-era shows and their viewers’ nostalgia to keep their audience engaged. Want to watch A.L.F., the ’80s-’90s-era sitcom? It airs on Discovery HUB. In the mood for a Nicholas Cage flick? Name a month, and there will probably be one on TBS or TNT. For even older or more obscure content, there’s Netflix.

The good news for broadcasters is that the caption files for these shows that have already aired are often “recyclable.” That means that if you want to air The X-Files pilot from 1993, the caption file for that episode might be in VITAC’s extensive cache of program caption files. If this is the case, and the original owner of the caption file gives permission to reuse it, all that may be required is a simple reformat, to make sure the completed transcript meets your specifications. That means less hassle for us and quicker turnaround for you, not to mention a possible lower rate!

How do you know what shows are in our archive? Call our Client Sales and Services hotline at (724) 514-4077 and ask! With VITAC’s 27-year industry experience, your chances could be pretty good!