Discovery Shark Week 2015 at VITAC


The week that adrenaline junkies, sea-life enthusiasts and, let’s face it, most of America look forward to all year: Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and it’s all captioned by VITAC!

We here at VITAC get pretty into the Shark Week festivities, so to celebrate, we invited a shark, Victor, the VITAC Hammerhead to come and work with us. He made his way around our headquarters, learning the ins and outs of how to become a VITAC team member:

Training with new co-worker Realtime Production Coordinator Josh Hanna

 Speaking with a Client

Training to be an offline captioner! Who knows? Maybe next year’s Shark Week will be captioned by Victor!

There are only 3 days of Shark Week left, so when you’re tuning in for all the sharky tidbits this weekend, be sure to turn the captions on!