As the largest captioning company in the country, VITAC can help grow and diversify your business solutions.

  • Incremental margin increase opportunities, with no capital to invest
  • Recurring revenue: Once set up, customers will return on a regular basis and will simply order directly through us.
  • Spreads your footprint within an organization: Captioning and accessibility services open the door for others who will want and benefit these same products and services.

Accessibility solutions communicate company message and mission to everyone, and reach a larger audience.

Channel Partner Services include:

  • Live Captioning (English and Spanish)
  • Prerecorded Captioning and Transcription
  • Spanish Captioning (live and prerecorded) and Secondary Audio Dubbing
  • Multilanguage Captioning and Subtitling
  • Audio Description
  • Encoding
  • Video Transcoding

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