VITAC is the country’s largest provider of media and entertainment captioning in the industry, with over 85 exclusive contracts covering 100+ networks. Program providers come to VITAC for our ability to offer both live and prerecorded solutions combined with dedicated technical and development teams.   Whether live captioning via IP, reformatting libraries for online video distribution, or captioning late-edited primetime programming, VITAC’s size and experience provides the best solution.

Customers include all broadcast networks, most cable stations and producers for TV, and online video providers. Custom live captioning solutions for the media and entertainment industry include stand-by services for breaking news, caption distribution to multiple encoders (often as many as 10) simultaneously, seamless captioner switching, ensuring captions are never lost when a new captioner takes over, and certification that all captions meet the FCC Caption Quality requirements for television in the fields of accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.

Services and Solutions for Media and Entertainment

  • Live captioning via IP or modem, to IP platforms, broadcast media, or both simultaneously.
  • Uptime guarantees for high-profile, intensely difficult events, with next-day reporting.
  • Quick turnaround for prerecorded programming, often edited to the last minute possible.
  • Custom file format creation and file conversions for delivery of programming on multiple platforms.
  • With libraries going back more than 30 years, we’re able to provide archive caption services. VITAC is able to reformat older content, rather than starting from scratch.

Use Cases and Real-Life Solutions

  • Live Captioning the Olympics:  Captioning the Olympics is one of the most intense jobs at VITAC, with nearly every department participating to ensure captions are accurate, synchronous, complete, and placed properly. Captioners spend weeks researching spellings and pronunciations of athletes’ names, previous winners, their hometowns, and personal stories. Though events are scheduled in the host country, networks can air any sport at any time, meaning captioners must be prepared to caption anything. Captions may be distributed to multiple networks and streaming platforms, often as many as eight locations at once. Our realtime technical services coordinators monitor connection requests and make changes while the captioner is writing. Every technical problem is logged with cause and solution verified, and an uptime report is delivered daily to the network.
  • Custom Integrations:  We work with our network customers to develop streamlined workflows that work with their systems. One global media provider uses a combination of custom spreadsheets and hot folder-based delivery to deliver media assets to VITAC.  Upon arrival, videos are automatically analyzed and delivered into our offline captioning workflow system.
  • Reusable Caption Files:  Most broadcast customers will eventually deliver their video online, via an Over The Transom (OTT) streaming service.  VITAC routinely converts line 21 caption files (SCC, CAP) to online file types (SMPTE TT, SRT, WebVTT) for both offline and live customers.
  • Language Services:  VITAC captions multiple Spanish-language networks, including live news and sports networks and prerecorded entertainment channels. Our Multi-Language Services department works with offline to create EMLs, translate text, and render subtitles for programs distributed to a worldwide audience online.
  • Transcription Services: Verbatim transcription is a regular part of our offline and prerecorded captioning workflow.  We can create captioning-related transcripts, As-Broadcast Scripts (ABS), Combined Continuity Lists (CCSL), and general transcription.

Whether your project is airing on television, the web, a subscription video-on-demand service, or you just need a transcript of your project, request a quote or contact us for more details.