If it’s on television, there’s a good chance that it has to be captioned. But what about the content on the Internet? Internet and web captioning with VITAC is just as important, and just as easy as television captioning.

While the CVAA was enacted in 2010 to assist in equal access to content delivered via IP, the rule only applies to programming that previously aired on television or simultaneously airs on television.

Starting in January 2016, clips from shows previously broadcast on television, and subsequently posted online must be captioned. The rule currently applies to single excerpt or “direct lift” clips from shows, and montages of programming such as highlight reels and “best of” packages.

The above rules deal with prerecorded programming. Beginning July 1st, 2017, single excerpt and montage clips of live and near-live programming must also be captioned.

Even if programming is for the web only, and not previously aired on broadcast television, captioning Internet content provides accessibility for not only the 50 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans, but to content consumers everywhere. Whether they are in a public space and can’t play video with sound, learning English as a second language, or a child learning to read, captioning Internet content is beneficial, and VITAC has many solutions to fit today’s digital video needs.

Services and Solutions for Internet and Web Video

  • Realtime Captioning for Web/IP: If you’re streaming video live to the Internet, we can make it accessible.  Our realtime  captioners  caption everything from UStream to YouTube, LiveStream to Kaltura.  For programming delivered via IP simultaneously with TV broadcasts, we will send a “PiggyBack” feed to your player, formatted to suit any player. We also caption live meetings and conference calls streamed online.  If you plan on archiving your video after it’s been streamed and captioned live, we can also create an instant or cleaned up transcript for use alongside your video.

Use Cases and Real Life Solutions:

  • Realtime YouTube: A well-known sports organization wanted to ensure accessibility while broadcasting live weigh-ins of their athletes on YouTube. VITAC came up with a custom solution, and tested extensively beforehand. Our captions made their events enjoyable for a larger audience and enjoyable for all.
  • “PiggyBack” feeds: A major player in the professional sports industry began streaming their games online, using the same feeds that VITAC was already captioning on television. We are able to create custom connections for our captioners to add, so that both feeds can be captioned.
  • Prerecorded Web Captioning: A series only available via web hit the net starring a well-known comedian without captions. After the first few episodes, the producers reached out and VITAC provided the captions to ensure the series could be appreciated.