Closed captioning for education not only improves accessibility and satisfies legal requirements, it also improves student retention, helps ESL students better understand video, and makes online video searchable. Colleges, online lecture capture providers, and informational program producers rely on VITAC’s wide range of services for all of the above.

Our customers are as variable as our solutions and include Ivy League colleges, community colleges, online lectures and classes, or broadcast educational videos.  Solutions include:

  • API-driven offline captioning for popular lecture capture platforms.
  • Live captioning for online and broadcast video, including non-broadcast sporting events and graduation ceremonies.
  • English and Spanish subtitles for educational and training programs funded by the Federal Government.
  • Audio description services so that students who are blind or low-vision may participate in the same manner as sighted peers.

Use Cases and Real-Life Solutions:

  • Offline Captioning: VITAC was chosen by a leading provider of online math videos for educational students. The organization had at first attempted an automated captioning solution, with transcripts uploaded and automatically timed by an engine. They quickly realized that fractions and formulas aren’t well-suited for an automated atmosphere, with formulas breaking over lines and captions, and turned to VITAC.  We created verbatim translations in English and Spanish and manually formatted captions to ensure the subject matter was readable and understandable.
  • Realtime Captioning: An Ivy League college was looking to provide captioning for sporting events distributed via their online portal. VITAC worked with the organization to install the proper equipment and schedule and caption live events using our employee captioners.
  • YouTube Solutions: A university posting classroom videos for its YouTube Channel was looking for a way to make its video searchable and accessible to students with hearing disabilities.  VITAC, a “YouTube Ready” caption vendor, designed a simple solution for delivery of video and receipt of caption files.

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