VITAC offers corporate captioning and subtitling services for national and international companies, from live-captioning conferences to translating corporate communications, to captioning web meetings.  Communication is critical to any business venture, and VITAC’s live and offline services allow all employees to participate.

Corporate customers of VITAC include software manufacturers, big box retailers, international pharmaceutical companies, and a multinational telecommunications giant.  Services include:

  • Conference Captioning: VITAC’s captioners travel on-site to large conferences and company meetings. Working with onsite AV teams, captioners listen to presentations and create captions live, transmitting them to a part of the video or direct to a screen.
  • Global Subtitling: International corporations have turned to VITAC to roll out important employee messages and branding announcements. We translate and subtitle executive addresses, training videos, and accompanying information in as many language as needed, localizing the content for the intended audiences.
  • Online Meetings: VITAC captioners listen to audio and send captions to various web platforms, including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting™, Adobe Connect or Webex™, or via direct URL. Upon completion of the event, we are able to create a timecoded file to be loaded with the video or recorded meeting, or deliver a transcript.

Use Cases and Real-Life Solutions:

  • Live Conference Captioning: A major software manufacturer needed their employee conference to engage the 10,000+ attendees in the large venue in which it was held. The corporation contacted VITAC to caption the event on-site. The captioning was a great success, and the customer has returned to VITAC to caption their annual conference for over 10 years.
  • Subtitling and Translation: A Fortune Global 500 company needed to communicate a consistent corporate rebranding message to its 100,000 employees around the globe. The video required translation into seven different languages within eight days. VITAC delivered the translated, approved, and subtitled hour-long message at a cost of just a fraction of the video’s budget.

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