Celebrating the Season at HDS

by: David Titmus

HDS and VITAC Group Photo

The holidays never fail to bring the best out in people and, for the past 22 years, VITAC and its employees have been embracing this season’s joy, warmth, and charity as a proud participant in the Angel Gift exchange program and holiday party at the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services (HDS) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

HDS is southwestern Pennsylvania’s only comprehensive service center, providing a wide array of quality diagnostic, rehabilitative, and supportive services to meet the unique challenges of children and adults who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. The center also strives to increase independence and enhance the quality of life for those individuals.

HDS Clients Opening GiftsHDS is VITAC’s chosen holiday charity, and we are proud to keep the tradition going in 2017 as many of the center’s clients eagerly look forward to the holiday party and gift exchange.

Brittany Winland, VITAC’s Marketing Communications Director, last month shared a list of HDS client names and gift suggestions. Within days of the Angel list being shared, all of the gifts on the wish list had been claimed and money donations began arriving. Additionally, VITAC chose to give its annual holiday donation to the center.

Brittany and Production Coordinator Kayla Reese, Senior Offline Captioners James Elkins and Kiley Gold, and Public Relations Manager Dave Titmus had the great fortune of doing their best Santa impersonations, visiting HDS this morning (Dec. 12) to distribute the gifts and meet with staff and clients.Client opening gifts

HDS clients greeted VITAC with warm hugs and handshakes, and the party room was brightly decorated with Christmas lights, paper snowflakes, holiday candles, and other handmade decor. After introductions and a tasty lunch (not to mention a healthy amount of cookies and sweets), HDS clients — one of whom even dressed up as jolly old St. Nick himself — treated us to a lively, signed performance of “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Let it Snow,” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Then came the time for Kayla, James, Kiley, and Brittany to hand out the dozens of gifts VITAC had purchased. The gifts — including jigsaw puzzles, DVDs, sweaters, shirts, gift cards, jewelry, coloring books, blankets, sleepwear, hats, gloves, and all things black-and-gold — were a huge hit!

We’d like to offer a great big “Thanks!” to everyone at VITAC who donated to such a worthwhile event. Your generosity brought happiness and many wide smiles to some of the most deserving people this holiday season.