VITAC Technology, People Unmatched in Captioning Industry

by: David Titmus

A leader in accessibility services for more than 30 years, VITAC is a full-service captioning company with skilled engineering, technology, and production departments, supported by a robust, technically sophisticated infrastructure. We have the best available and proven technology to solve a wide variety of captioning and accessibility challenges. Our network, … Read More

Updates to Ordering Site, ICS Transcripts Provide More Options, Greater Client Service

by: David Titmus

VITAC is thrilled to announce updates to two of our popular services and products – the VITAC caption ordering site and our Internet Captioning Streamer (ICS) player. The updates will provide even greater client service by offering new easy-to-use options when ordering captions and allowing for stronger communication between clients … Read More

VITAC Integrations Keep Captions up with the Latest Technology

by: David Titmus

VITAC Integrations has made it easier than ever to bring captions to your online meetings and conferences. We offer extensive caption integrations for both live and offline captioning. From social media streaming and processing platforms to video management systems and workflows, VITAC Integrations provides a wide variety of client-specific processes … Read More

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Celebrated May 16

by: David Titmus

In today’s world of rapidly advancing technology, it has become more important than ever that companies and organizations do their best to make new technologies accessible to everyone. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15 percent of the world’s population − an estimated 1 billion people − live with … Read More

Video: How to Set Up and Enable Captions for YouTube Live Events

by: David Titmus

It’s no great secret that YouTube is a juggernaut in today’s video viewing world. The video sharing platform boasts more than 30 million active daily users (and nearly 2 billion active users each month) watching more than 1 billion hours of video each day. Though many of the videos that … Read More

Doing Captions Right: Captioning Standards and Best Practices for Television

by: David Titmus

As the largest captioning company in the United States, we often get questions from clients and consumers regarding the basic rules, requirements, and regulations that govern captions. VITAC has worked with caption clients, viewers, and advocates for more than 30 years, and though not all video must be captioned by … Read More

Video: How to Upload Caption Files to YouTube and Facebook

by: David Titmus

There are more than 3 billion people using social media, with YouTube and Facebook among the most popular platforms. And today’s social media landscape is becoming a “video first” world, where video, whether it be online tutorials, news clips, or cats playing the piano, is at the heart of everything. … Read More

In the Spotlight: VITAC’s Event Center and Stadium Captioning Service

by: David Titmus

VITAC’s exclusive Event Center and Stadium Captioning Solutions service helps make games, events, and concerts inclusive to all while also meeting accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our Event Center and Stadium Captioning service enables skilled, remote captioners to listen to live audio feeds from arenas, stadiums, or … Read More

VIDEO: How Reliable is ASR-Generated Live Captioning?

by: Brittany Wanger

VITAC’s Chief Marketing Officer John Capobianco explains just how reliable automatic speech recognition (ASR) captions really are.