Three Things That Happen When You Don’t Use Captions

by: David Titmus

For some, closed captions are simply those words that pop up at the bottom of the television (or computer or tablet or cell phone) that describe the on-screen dialogue and action. But for more than 50 million Americans in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, captions are so much more — … Read More

VITAC Offline Captioning Webinar Set for Nov. 13

by: David Titmus

VITAC, a full-service leader in captioning and accessibility services for more than 30 years, is proud to be the exclusive provider of offline captioning for prerecorded programming on more than two dozen television networks. Unlike captions that are created in real time for live programs or events, offline captions are … Read More

VITAC 24/7 Support Ensures Clients, Customers Receive the Highest Quality Service, Captions

by: David Titmus

VITAC, the largest provider of captioning products and services in the United States, has been providing accessibility services and solutions for more than 30 years. Our captioners keep a full schedule of program assignments, providing captions for more than 550,000 hours of programming each year for a wide variety of … Read More

Save the Date: VITAC Captioning Webinar Set for Oct. 2

by: David Titmus

Captioning has become central to media consumption in the United States — whether across traditional broadcast, social media channels, or through streaming media — and it continues to proliferate across all platforms. (Case in point: more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.) From the conference … Read More

Accessibility, Accessible Solutions Crucial as ADA Lawsuits Continue to Rise

by: David Titmus

Website accessibility and other ADA Title III lawsuits are continuing to increase, according to a recent study by law firm Seyfarth Shaw. The firm reports that if ADA Title III federal lawsuit numbers continue to be filed at the current pace, 2018’s total will exceed 2017 by 30 percent, fueled … Read More

VITAC Named an Approved Vendor for California Community Colleges’ Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant

by: David Titmus

According to the California Community Colleges, distance education – the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school – comprises the college system’s fastest growing segment of enrollment. These types of courses include online classes, hybrid classes (where some instructional hours are offered remotely), telecourses, … Read More

Viewers, ‘Queer Eye’ Star Bring Caption Quality Concerns to Netflix

by: David Titmus

The topic of caption quality made headlines last week after television viewers took to social media to voice their complaints over the inaccurate captions they see on Netflix shows, including makeover show “Queer Eye.” Fans of the show took to Twitter to complain about captions that often misrepresented, censored, or … Read More

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: VITAC Captions Add Accessibility to MLB Mobile App

by: David Titmus

A Major League Baseball (MLB) mobile app is creating a more inclusive experience for fans following their favorite teams. MLB’s “Ballpark” app incorporates captions – provided by VITAC – directly into team applications, available at the touch of a button, meaning that fans who wish to read captions on their … Read More

10 Simple Ways to Make a Captioner’s Job Easier (and Everyone Else Happier)

by: Monica Brooks

As captioners, we listen to people talking all day, and it’s our job to figure out how to translate that into written text. Everyone has shows they like and dislike, but some programs are simply easier to caption than others. The qualities that make for low-stress captioning tend to be … Read More

Captions and Commencements: Making Graduation Ceremonies Accessible to All

by: David Titmus

The month of May not only brings Spring flowers and the (unofficial) start to wedding season, but it’s also graduation time as high schools, colleges, and universities prepare to move students along to the next chapters of their lives. The ceremonies taking place in the coming weeks at schools across … Read More