Can VITAC Captioners Dial in to Multiple Encoders?


Dialing into multiple encoders is necessary when a program is to air on multiple networks, or an event organizer requests captioning for multiple locations. It ensures a consistent transcript of a program’s audio, regardless of where it airs.

Realtime Remote Captioners at VITAC are able to dial directly into two modem connections simultaneously. However, if they connect through VITAC’s Canonsburg, PA, headquarters, using VITAC’s proprietary B2B systems, they can connect to about 6-8 encoders simultaneously. When using an IP connection, VITAC Captioners are able to connect to up to four different encoders. That means that VITAC is able to provide captions for about as many outlets as a customer needs for a single event! Captioning a live program via IP in addition to a phone-line connection¬†produces a web-ready deliverable¬†for the program, keeping your IP content FCC compliant.