Busiest Day Ever! VITAC Realtime Breaks Records


Tomorrow, August 31, 2013, VITAC is scheduled to set a new record for Realtime captioning in a single day. Due to the onset of college football season, the U.S. Open tournament, and the final stretch for Major League Baseball — in addition to all of our regular programming — VITAC will be adding over 200 hours to its Realtime agenda.

The total amount of captioning work includes:

-Over 127 hours of college football

-62 hours of U.S. Open Tennis

-340 total hours of sports*

-705 hours of scheduled captioning for the day.

To accommodate the sports onslaught, it will a hectic day for our team of three sports coordinators, as well as 103 of our Realtime Captioners who will also take on this massive workload. Otherwise, the Realtime Department will operate almost as normal, according to Manager of Realtime Coordinators Mark Paluso. The Department is designed to handle high-volume, short-notice orders, so days like this are not too great a departure from the ordinary!

This is just the kickoff, folks. The NFL regular season starts soon, and before you know it, NBA and NHL. Look for VITAC captions on your favorite sports networks all season long!

*Includes pre-/post-game shows, excludes poker.